HB Advanced Surf First Aid Refresher Course



17 years of age, current member a SLS club, SLS Level 1 First Aid, Level 2 First aid, SLS Level 3/PHEC Advanced Surf First Aid


This 1 day course to refresh the skills learnt in Level 1, 2 and 3 First aid courses.(Surf First Aid and Advanced Surf First Aid) Including, drowning physiology, circum-rescue collapse, and assessment of non-fatal drowning, scene management, advanced monitoring (Pulse oximetry, blood glucose, and chest auscultation) and triage. Encompasses Unit Standard 29321.

Please register with your Clubs to attend this course:

Waimarama - Jen Finlayson

Westshore - Brian Quirk

Pacific - Anne Cooper

Ocean Beach Kiwi - Jacob Crawley


For further information please email: sarnia.brewer@surflifesaving.org.nz