Canterbury - K Day


Event Details:

K Day is set for the 17th December, hosted by Taylors Mistake SLSC

Racing will start at 9:00am

Team Composition:

  • 4 Person Teams - consisting of 2 males & 2 females
  • There is one grade - Open
  • All competitors must have a refreshed Surf Lifeguard Award
  • Teams are encouraged to do all events, but can skip an event and take 0 points.


  1. Black & White Relay
  2. Beach Relay
  3. Beach Flags Eliminator
  4. Tube & Board Rescue Relay
  5. Ski Relay
  6. Board Relay
  7. Taplin Relay - Kesteven Cup Relay


Entries are live via Waves

Entries will close Tuesday 13th December, 11:00am


Event Flyer - PDF