Taranaki Rock Training & Rescue Module

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The Rock Training & Rescue Module (RTM) is the starting point for training lifeguards in rock activities and operations. The RTM gives Surf Lifeguards the knowledge and skill required to perform rock entries, exits and rescues.



Duration: Theory will be 1-1/2 hours, the practical will take roughly 3 hours and be confirmed later based on conditions

Requirements: Attend Rock Training & Rescue Module training session
with the club Rock Instructor.
Successfully complete all components of the practical examination.

Registration:To register please email Joel at joel.meuli@surflifesaving.org.nz

What you will need:   Wetsuit, Gloves, Booties, Helmet, Fins (must fit over the booties), water bottle, rescue tube, Lifeguard Rashtop, fin belt (recommended)



Rock Training & Rescue Module              

14 years of age
Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed)
Current member of a SLS Club