Opunake Junior Carnival


Opunake Junior Surf Carnival

Date: Sunday 19th December 2021

Time: 10:00am-2:30pm

Venue: Opunake Beach

Event Information

Officials/Managers Briefing: 9:30am

Start Time: 10:00AM                                                                

Registration: Event entry is via the SLSNZ Online Entry system http://slsnz.enternow.co.nz/slsnz/

Entries close: Wednesday 15th December 9:00pm

All Junior Surf athletes will need to be ‘Active and Current’ and all 200m badges will need to be refreshed (to 31/01/2021) in the SLSNZ Web Portal / CRM system.

High Visibility Vests: High Visibility Vests are compulsory for all water event competitors.

Racing Uniform: Club Caps are compulsory and the use of wetsuit gear will be determined on the day