Canterbury - IRB Development Weekend


Here is the information for the upcoming IRB Development/Exam weekend (Location TBC)

Saturday 10am until 4pm

Sunday 9am until 4pm

Hopefully a golden opportunity for people to upskill, gain awards and share some knowledge before we kick in to a busy season.


Registration Process

Please come back to Luke with the following list,

Crew Candidates

Driver Candidates

Instructors not yet qualified

Probationary Examiners

Qualified Instructor to help on the day

Qualified Examiners to examine on the day.

Any qualified drivers to help deliver crew exam and be safety boat.

Please grade your Crew and Driver candidates 1, 2 or 3. 3 being ready to sit exam, 2 has some experience and could be ready for exam, 1 new and is there learn.  This information will help when organizing groups etc.


COVID Rules and Restrictions dependent.