Eastern Regional Pool Rescue Championships

Event Details

Sat 21 Sep 11:00AM - Sun 22 Sep 4:00PM
Te Rapa Waterworld Pool, Eastern - Bay of Plenty

Event Contact:

Mark Inglis - ER Sport Manager

Tel: 07 574 2061

Email: mark.inglis@surflifesaving.org.nz

<p>2019 Eastern Region Pool Championships</p> <p><strong>Date: </strong> Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd September 2019<br><strong>Venue: </strong> Te Rapa Waterworld Pool<br><strong>Address:</strong> Garnett Ave,Te Rapa, Hamilton<br><strong>Entries close:</strong> 2pm Monday 2nd September 2019<br><strong>Entry fees: </strong> $50 entry fee per competitor (GST Inclusive), $10.00 per substitute (GST inclusive)</p> <p>To register please follow the link to the online <a href="http://slsnz.enternow.co.nz/enternow-app/slsnz%20">Enter Now</a></p> <p> </p> <p>Appendix 1 - <a href="/media/988095/2019-er-pool-championships-entry-memo.pdf" title="2019 Entry Memo">ER Pool Rescue Championships Entry Memo</a> (pdf, 813kb) - last updated 9/07/2019</p> <p>Appendix 2 - <a href="/media/988249/2019-er-pool-championships-team-managers-circular.pdf" title="2019 ER Pool Championships Team Managers Circular.pdf">ER Pool Rescue Championships Team Managers Memo</a> (pdf, 746kb) - last updated 03/09/2019 </p> <p>Appendix 3 - <a href="/media/988294/2019-eastern-regional-pool-championships-programme-final.pdf" title="2019 Eastern Regional Pool Championships Programme Final.pdf">ER Pool Rescue Championships Draft Programme</a> (pdf, 568kb) - last updated 20/09/2019  </p> <p>Appendix 4 - <a href="/media/988267/swimming-result-sheet-2019-eastern-regional-pool-rescue-championships.xlsx" title="Swimming Result Sheet - 2019 Eastern Regional Pool Rescue Championships.xlsx">ER Pool Rescue Championships Waves Run Sheets</a> (excel, 244kb) - last updated 16/09/2019 </p> <p><a href="/media/988250/teammanagersdeclarationform.doc" title="TeamManagersDeclarationForm.doc">Team Manager Declaration Form</a> (Word, 45kb)</p> <p><a href="/media/988252/scratchings-form.doc" title="Scratchings-Form.doc">Scratching Form</a> (Word, 185kb)</p> <p><a href="/media/988251/team-change-form.doc" title="Team-Change-Form.doc">Team Change Form</a> (Word, 185kb)</p> <p> </p> Sport


2019 Eastern Region Pool Championships

Date:  Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd September 2019
Venue:  Te Rapa Waterworld Pool
Address: Garnett Ave,Te Rapa, Hamilton
Entries close: 2pm Monday 2nd September 2019
Entry fees:  $50 entry fee per competitor (GST Inclusive), $10.00 per substitute (GST inclusive)

To register please follow the link to the online Enter Now


Appendix 1 - ER Pool Rescue Championships Entry Memo (pdf, 813kb) - last updated 9/07/2019

Appendix 2 - ER Pool Rescue Championships Team Managers Memo (pdf, 746kb) - last updated 03/09/2019 

Appendix 3 - ER Pool Rescue Championships Draft Programme (pdf, 568kb) - last updated 20/09/2019  

Appendix 4 - ER Pool Rescue Championships Waves Run Sheets (excel, 244kb) - last updated 16/09/2019 

Team Manager Declaration Form (Word, 45kb)

Scratching Form (Word, 185kb)

Team Change Form (Word, 185kb)