Christchurch Marine VHF Radio Operators Course (3)


The Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate is designed to give Surf Lifeguards the knowledge and skill needed to be able to use a VHF radio while on patrol including during emergency situations.

This award is also a prerequisite for other Lifeguarding qualifications such as the Patrol Captains and IRB Driver Awards. You also need this award if you wish to be a Regional Lifeguard this summer. 

Details of this course:

Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Cost: $35.00

Registrations close 5:00pm, Wednesday 7th August 2019

ugh the SLSNZ Database. Go to the National, Course Instance section.

For help on how to register or for further information on the course, please visit the Event Flyer (PDF, 220K