2018 Summer Job Expo - Christchurch


The 2018 Summer Job Expo will be a chance for SLSNZ staff to cover exactly what the Summer Job Opportunities are and any new changes that are required for employment this upcoming 2018-2019 Season. 

The jobs that are on offer with applications opening Thursday 5th July 2018 until Friday 10th August 2018 are:

-          Beach Education Instructor

-          Regional Lifeguard

Come along and get an understanding of what the expectations are to be employed in either the education or lifeguarding fields over summer.

At this presentation you will also learn the prerequisites for each position and how you can go about gaining any qualifications before the season begins.

There will also be a Q and A session for you to ask any questions around these opportunities.

The event will begin at 11:00am for approximately 2 hours.