First Aid Level Two


To complete the FA Level Two award you must be a current member of a SLSNZ Capital Coast Surf Club and hold a Surf Lifeguard Award. 

You can complete Level One first and then Level Two the next day, providing you pass the Level One course the day before. 

If you hold a current Level One or Level Two award and wish to refresh, you only need to sit the Level Two course (not both). If your awards have expired by more than three months you will have to sit the course again. 

Clubs will be invoiced for the course costs after the course is completed.

If registered participants pull out 24hrs before the course your club (or the member) will be charged the full amount of the course E.g. Your club has three members registered, but one pulls out the night before. That person will be charged $90.00 while the other two will be charged $45.00.

Registrations are due to two weeks before the course date. Click here to download the registration form.