Capital Coast Championships - Boats, Canoes and IRBs


The premier event on the Capital Coast Sport calendar! All clubs and competitors are invited to attend this event vying for the Capital Coast's top sports awards. Points from this event are included in the Whitehorse Competition.

Event Information
Officials Briefing: 9:00am
Team Managers Briefing: 9:30am
Note: Events may be subject to change, depending on entries and surf/weather conditions.
In the event of the poor weather and/or surf conditions, all Team Managers will be notified of any venue or program changes prior to or during the Team Managers Briefing.
Tides: High: 11:30am Low: 5:30pm
Events: All Age Grades M/F 3 Round Series Long Course Surf Boat
All Age Grades M/F 3 Round Series Long Course Canoe
All Age Grades IRB: Assembly, Tube, Mass, Single and Teams

Download the event information flyer here (pdf, 291kb)