Bay of Plenty Examiners & Instructors Briefing


All Examiners and Instructors are invited to attend the 2013/14 Season Examiners/Instructors Briefing to discuss the training of Lifeguards, Drivers and Crewman within the Bay of Plenty area over the coming season.

The briefing is aimed at ensuring consistency throughout the region, keeping all Examiners and Instructors aware of any changes in the delivery of the programmes and helping identify Instructors who would like to become Examiner in the future.

Attendance at the briefing is essential if Examiners are to be refreshed. If an Examiner is unable to attend, they must attend a SLGA Exam and be signed off by the Chief Examiner.

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Download the event information flyer (pdf, kb)