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National Sport Committee and Advisory Groups

The National Sport Committee (NSC) is responsible for providing positive leadership of surf lifesaving sport delivery and development and providing SLSNZ staff with advice, feedback and support.

The NSC consists of seven representatives and two staff members. The four SLSNZ regions provide one representative each and there are three appointed positions. The two staff members are the General Manager, Programmes and Services and the Sport Development Manager.

The NSC meet face to face three times and have a number of teleconferences each year. The scope of activities includes;

  • Development, monitoring and evaluation of the Sport Strategy
  • National sport polices and rules
  • Sport participation
  • Event development
  • Coach development
  • Surf Official development
  • High performance development

Sport Committee's Terms of Reference (TOR):

National Sport Committee (NSC)

Maddie Boon (MB)  - Northern Region

Dion Williams (DW)  -  Eastern Region

Scott Bicknell (SB) - Central Region

Fraser Bickley (FB)  - Southern Region

Brad O'Leary (BO) - Appointed (Chairperson)

Joel Davies (JD)  - Appointed

Dave Shanks (DS) - Appointed

Wayne Franich (WF)  - ILS Liason

NSC Meeting Minutes

Additional to the NSC there are three Advisory Groups to assist SLSNZ and discuss specific agendas relating to their interests.  The three groups are IRB Sport, Surf Boats and Officials.

Surf Boat Sport Advisory Group (SBSAG)

Mark McCarthny (MM) - Northern Region (Chairperson)

Zita Talaic-Burgess (ZTB) - Northern Region

TBC - Eastern Region

Clayton Kellett (CK) - Eastern Region

Steve Dixon (SD) - Central Region

Brett Hamer (BH) - Central Region

Neil Watts (NW) - Southern Region

Michael (Willy) Kindred (MK) - Southern Region

Joel Davies (JD), National Sport Committee Liaison

SBSAG Meeting Minutes

IRB Sport Advisory Group (IRBSAG)

Shane Edwards (SE) - Appointed

Brad O'Leary (BO) - Appointed, (Chairperson) National Sport Committee Liaison

Spencer Raymond (SR) - Appointed

Bradley Walters (BW) - Northern Region

Brad Hall (BH) - Central Region

Peter Gibbons (PG) - Southern Region

Dave Hickey (DH) - Rescue Asset Manager, SLSNZ

IRBSAG Meeting Minutes

Surf Officials Leadership Group (SOLG)

Brian Velvin (BV) - Appointed

Debbie Hutchings (DH) - Appointed

Bernie Limbrick (BL) - Appointed

Greg Rieger (GR) - Eastern Region

Glenn Phipps (GP) - Northern Region

Denis Trembath (DT) - Southern Region

Harley Mclauglin (HM) - Central Region

Dave Shanks (DS) - NSC Liaison

SOLG Meeting Minutes